Friday, March 7, 2014


In the last few months, my kidneys have gotten suddenly worse. I sped through Stage 4 (see the CKD glossary) between -- well, I missed my quarterly blood test in the fall, so I have to guess, but based on when I started feeling worse, I'd say November -- and February. I started feeling even greater fatigue, getting headaches all the time, having trouble sleeping, and just feeling generally yucky.
Last week I passed into Stage 5 (kidney failure). My blood pressure got up to 191/116 despite being on three different blood pressure medications, and I started retaining water and feeling not only tired, but weak, and frequently cold. It's an interesting thing to be dying (as far as my body knows), without being going to die. If I didn't have access to transplant and/or dialysis, this would be the beginning of the end.