Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pinterest Pinup: 3-2-1 Mug Cake

The original post called this 1-2-3 Cake, but I think 3-2-1 makes more sense.  As if mug cake wasn't simple enough already, this one is made from boxed cake mix!  I did it twice and it worked beautifully both times.  I don't think it matters, but I used Betty Crocker cake mixes. The first time I did chocolate, and the second time I did strawberry.

Once you've got the mix in your cupboard, all you need any time you want cake is a mug, a fork, a Tablespoon, and two minutes!

If you're making dessert for a small group (not more than 6), you can even use the same mug over and over to make multiple cakes and just turn each one out onto a plate.  I did that when my in-laws were visiting a couple weekends ago, and they seemed very impressed.

Take one box of angel food cake mix and one box of any other cake mix of your choice, pour both dry mixes into a large mixing bowl, and stir together until completely combined.  Pour this powder into a large storage tub or gallon-sized Ziploc for storage.  Then, whenever you want a serving of cake, here's what you do:

Spray the inside of a microwave-safe mug with nonstick cooking spray (this step is optional, but it does help).  My mugs are 12-oz., but you can see that the cake doesn't come close to filling them; a regular 8-oz. mug would work fine.

Measure 3 tablespoons of the powdered mix and 2 tablespoons of water into the mug, and mix well with a fork until frothy, as pictured above.  Microwave on high for 1 minute.

Did you catch the 3-2-1?

3 T. mix
2 T. water
1 min. in microwave

Presto!  Cake.  If you turn the mug upside down over a plate and shake gently, the cake should pop right out.  Or you could save a dish and eat it right out of the mug.

It has the flavor of the cake you chose and the sponginess of the angel food cake.  It's got no cholesterol and very little fat, and a fair little bit of protein (from the egg whites in the angel food cake).  It is high in sugar, of course, but let's celebrate what we can.

It's good plain, but I often have one of those plastic cans of ready-made frosting in the fridge, left over from some previous baking project: just pop a spoonful onto the hot cake and it's soon soft enough to spread around (Key lime frosting pictured above, with the strawberry cake).  Or you could drizzle it with Hershey's syrup, or top it with powdered sugar or whipped topping and fruit, or something else creative that occurs to you.